St.Jude’s Child Care Centres

Needy families with cancer affected children travel from rural and semi-urban parts of the country to major cities to seek world class cancer treatment for their children at premier medical institutes. The families have no place to stay and no source of income in the city having left their means of livelihood back home to come to the city for treatment. They are forced to stay either in dharamshalas or on pavements and streets around the hospitals in an unhygienic environment. This is counterproductive to cancer treatment children receive and negates the effects of chemo/radio therapy. The families, in desperation, may abandon treatment altogether.

St. Jude bridges this gap between medical treatment provided by the hospital and holistic support required during this most trying time of their lives. They provide free, safe, hygienic accommodation, nutrition, transport to and from the hospital, educational & recreational activities, counselling, music, yoga and new skills of income generation to families. 
St Jude currently operates 18 centres with 223 family units at 5 locations viz, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Jaipur.